About Hero Power Audio

Why Should I Buy From Hero Power Audio?
This is a valid, and serious question which should weigh heavily on your buying decision. Hero Power Audio has enjoyed a sterling reputation since its inception in 2016. Our doctrine stresses quality above all else. Quality in our products and services means better performance from “day one”, and fewer problems down the road. We have been featured in various national and regional magazines such as Audio Video Interiors, and are recommended and used by the area’s top builders, architects and designers. Our client list includes repeat business by international artists from Hollywood and the music world, famous sports figures, NFL owners, CEO’s and “captains of industry”. Our jobs have taken us from California to Hilton Head to Jacksonville. Many of our clients achieved success by being very discerning. These astute clients choose us for the very same reasons.

The bulk of our business is referral. Reputations are not manufactured, they are earned (good or bad). While we are quite proud of our longstanding reputation, we are constantly striving to improve every facet of our operation. Your project is carefully engineered with you and your specific needs in mind. Another important element we stress is “ease of use”. If the system is too tedious or complex to use, the potential of the system is lost. We can administer simple one touch operation into your system so a series of “events” takes place instead of pushing multiple buttons. Although Hero Power Audio is known for “cutting edge” state of the art components, we only sell time proven reliable products. Our sales staff has over 135 years of combined experience.

YOUR BUSINESS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US so please allow us the opportunity to prove why we are North Florida’s first choice for quality home entertainment!

Our Team

The Hero Power Audio staff have a combined experience of over 135 years in the HiFi audio and custom install industries. We have put together thousands of great stereo systems and designed and implemented the audio and technology systems of hundreds of homes. Now in our 4th year serving the Jacksonville and Northeast Florida/Southern Georgia market, we are excited to help you get the best out of your home, stereo room, theater, offices and backyards.

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