A home experience that’s more relaxing, effective and simplified — that’s the goal with Home Automation System.

Our systems link the electronic devices throughout your home to a single interface that’s both powerful and easy to use, enabling you to control lightingmusic, video and climate control from a single point. Programming automated tasks into the system — such as raising and lowering shadeschanging temperatures in particular rooms, or turning certain lights on or off — becomes trivially simple with home automation.

Every system we design is unique to the particular client; custom installed and programmed to fulfill their particular needs. Our Home Automation System Experts offer simple, practical solutions to whole-home control; contact us today to bring your home into the 21st Century. With a single touchpad, you can:

  • Manage home entertainment
  • Switch off every television
  • Receive an alert that a garage door is open — and then close it
  • Reduce energy use by managing climate control, lights and window coverings
  • Check the status of door and window locks, lights and security cameras
  • Stream music and video from iTunes (or other internet sources) to any room in your home

Home Automation Services:

  • Whole Home Audio
  • Video Distribution
  • Home Lighting Automation
  • Motorized Shading System
  • Home Automation Climate Control
  • Security and Surveillance


We recommend RTI for  your home automation system.

  • Wireless interfaces
  • Wired interfaces
  • Control processors
  • A/V distribution
  • App License


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